Super Duper Tuesday

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It’s the first time Californians feel like their primary vote counts. I have to go vote today, or I should say I want to go vote today. Gina always votes absentee. The other year she talked me in to it too. At the time I liked the idea. With all of California’s propositions to vote on, it was a better idea to sit at home and go through the minutia of props and try to decipher if a “yes” vote actually meant “yes” or “no”. And why are they always about the same thing? Indian Gaming and how to spend our money? Isn’t that why I elect State Assemblymen and Senators to make all these decisions for me? Who cares if Running Bear wants some more slots and a bigger stage to listen to Kenny Rogers or the O Jays? I generally don’t care too much about the props, but one year there was an interesting one that I was sad to see pass. It was to outlaw the consumption of horse meat or the sale of horse meat for consumption. I’ve never eaten horse, but why couldn’t I if I wanted to? Why is it ok to eat cows, chickens, or pigs but not horses or dogs for that matter? I think in this enlightened age there should not be a class war in the animal kingdom. That reminds me, fois gras was also outlawed in California a year or two ago. It wasn’t on our weekly menu at home, but the rare times I came in contact with it, I rather enjoyed it. And all of this in the same state that conceived Fear Factor eating challenges.
But this year is a big year. It’s for all the marbles, it’s the Prez! I can’t just sit at home in my sweats and fill in a box. I’ve get out and vote. Gina can’t be bothered with waiting at the polling place, she’s usually busy on Tuesdays. But I feel like it’s part of the Democratic process. Voting and Jury duty; it’s where all socio-economic lines converge. Waiting in line with all ages and walks of life in some rec-center or someone’s driveway is what being an American is all about. I’m still bummed they’ve gone to touch screen. I miss the whole thrill of the dangling chad.
Besides, at home, you don’t get the cool little “I voted sticker”. Stickers aren’t just for kids. There are only two stickers an adult can get away with wearing, “I voted” and “I gave blood”.