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With a very foggy drive down the mountain, our vacation draws to a close. We spent the end of the week in Lake Arrowhead. We had a great time and were joined by two families (The Templeton's, sans Kristi, & the Swart's) for fun in the snow. We've never seen that much snow at the mountain house before. It was so deep we couldn't even open the gate to the driveway.We had to park at the bottom of the hill in the garage.

We sledded down the back hill of the property...

...some better than others.

Then drove to Snow Valley on Saturday for some time on the slopes. We had a really fun time with all of our friends. Gina is the most amazing organizer of our Arrowhead trips! She brings enough stuff to keep all the kids busy and enough beer to keep me busy as well. 

Friday night, Curtis, Dave, and I stayed up until 2am discussing God, war, golf, and the Master Hunter. 
The drive back down was so scary it was around 7pm and we could see clouds climbing up the mountain side. At some points you could only see the road by looking at the raised yellow reflectors in the medium, and only ten feet in front of you at best. But we made it back safely and now our normal routine starts up again.
This has been an awesome family week!