My name is Jon and I'm an addict...

Posted by Jon in HB | 7:28 AM | 1 comments »

to Wii! Gina and I were up past midnight playing that stupid thing. And not even cool shoot 'em up or racing or action games. No we're addicted to Carnival Games. It has every game you ever played at a carnival (scary looking carnies ARE included). You can play in head to head competition or single player mode which get you tickets you can earn and collect. Then the tickets get you cool hats and props and stuff that you can dress your little animated characters up in. I'M IN MY THIRTIES AND STAYING UP PLAYING WII ALL NIGHT!!! What's up with that? And it has the most basic ghetto graphics too. I need a hobby.


  1. Kristi // February 11, 2008 at 11:21 PM  

    i am embarrassed for you...oh, and can we borrow that game so we can stay up late and play too! :o) we'll trade you guitar hero for a few days.