My Dad Rocks!

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While I was at work, yesterday, Dad stopped by and fixed my dishwasher and oven. He also told me I was not crazy about the dishwasher parts not fitting, the ones I went to the hardware store three times to get right! He said that the wrong size fitting was in the package, so I bought the right size but it would never have fit because it was mispackaged. By the way, Gina told me that he had to go to the hardware store three times too, so it wasn't just me (see Handy Man entry below for the full story).

Dad's a smart guy. I've learned a lot from him throughout the years, here's the top 10...

1. Assembly instructions are for lesser people.

2. All things that come "Some assembly required" always come with extra parts just to mess with you.

3. If after you take something apart and put it back together again you have extra parts, that's ok. They probably weren't needed in the first place.

4. Keep your head down, and your eye on the golf ball. Don't worry about watching were the ball landed, he'll do that, just keep your head down!

5. Don't stand too close to him when he lights the pilot on the furnace, especially if you value your eyebrows! (true story, we were both eyebrowless for a while, and all I did was hold the flashlight)

6. Don't play with the automatic window switch in the car. It was made to work a finite amount of times and every time you play with it, that's one less time it will work when you need it. And a couple of of months ago when my window was stuck down in the rain, whose voice do you suppose was ringing in my head?

7. God punishes you by giving children that act exactly like you did.

8. Let your wife win all the little insignificant battles, so when it comes to the big ones come, you can tell her how it is.

9. Never lie. It starts out with small white lies and then it becomes easier and easier to do. Next thing you know, you're cheating on your taxes and off to jail.

10. And most importantly, and I've passed this one down to my son Dylan, "Don't be a dink!"