Ronald Reagan Library

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WOW! This place was great. After we spent a day at Universal, we headed to Simi Valley to check out the Reagan Library and Air Force One. The drive up the hill to the Library was beautiful. It's nestled atop some rolling green hills and looks over this gorgeous valley vista. This is the only presidential library we've ever been to and it was awesome. Tons of displays of his acting days, Governor days, and the White house, as well as entire hall of over 80 of Nancy's dresses. Highlights were a replica of the Oval Office, Reagan's actual Air Force One that you could walk through, and a recreation of the Ronald Reagan Pub in Ireland (of course I had a pint, duh!).

Reagan was the first President I was aware of growing up. He seemed so charismatic and warm. When he spoke he was so engaging. That is something I've missed since he left office. I've been waiting for someone to represent our country with a voice like his. Ironically while I don't agree with his politics at all, Obama has been the only one in a long time to captivate me as a listener like Dutch did. Why can't the GOP find another winner? McCain just doesn't have the presence for me.
BUT I DIGRESS...all in all the library is a must see no matter what your party affiliation. It's a great tribute to a wonderful couple and captures the nation and world during the 80s.


  1. VikingMom // February 23, 2008 at 11:56 AM  

    We love that place. Our family went during Thanksgiving week a couple of years ago. Billy's dad is definitely a "Reagan-ite". (is that a word?). He enjoyed every moment of it as did Austin. Someday there will be an "William Austin Baker" presidential library. (Maybe not a real one...but I can make believe one in my head!) LOL